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Shamanic Rebirthing Breathe

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Vanessa and I have created a short video to offer a little more information about the Shamanic Rebirthing Breathe and answer a few questions regarding this journey.

It's also an opportunity for everyone to connect with us and get a feel for who we are and the depth of space we love to provide.

The Shamanic Rebirthing Breathe (SRB) is a self-initiation medicine journey with a difference. Combining deep ritual embodiment, Breathwork and shamanic journeying, this experience offers an opportunity to expand and explore the self through a rebirthing process.

Breathwork, as the medicine gateway, involves the conscious activation of the continuous breath in the body and can induce various transformational and altered states of consciousness including visions, insights and emotional and body releases. The SRB utilises very visceral and highly sensorial materials and processes while participants, deep within their Breathwork journey, co-create a shamanic-ritual embodiment experience of conception, gestation and rebirth of the self.

The invitation is to journey with an intention of experiencing a rebirthing, however that may manifest differently for everybody ranging from the personal to the transpersonal. Some participants may have a personal birth experience of themselves as a child or a parent, and may take the opportunity to re-pattern or to heal trauma. Others may journey into the far shamanic realms and experience an initiation and rebirth of a different kind. Like all medicine journeys within a group, each person will have their own unique experience specific to them while supporting and being intimately involved in co-creating the experience for everybody else.

The SRB is a unique experience for those people who love Breathwork, medicine journeys, shamanic experiences, are looking for healing, to find answers within, or to just experience something new.

Graeme and Vanessa have been facilitating and creating sacred and transformational spaces for a number of years together and individually. They are both highly experienced coaches and are passionate about supporting people on the transformational edge.

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