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Coaching Graeme Salvetti

Coaching Journeys

I offer a range of services in the realms of embodiment and transformation. Sessions are provided one on one in person, through Skype and over the phone for interstate and International clients. Each Coaching journey is organically created to provide the specific tools, learnings and experiences for you to gain a greater understanding and perspective of who you are and where you are within your life. Gaining this greater perspective allows you to make clearer choices to deepen and enhance your current experience of life. The Coaching journey may take many forms and may include standard learning techniques, embodiment practices, hands on interaction, emotional and energetic movement or simply holding a deep and sacred space for your truth to be seen felt and heard. I'm poly friendly and offer relationship packages for those seeking to develop deeper intimacy and connection within their relating styles. 


As we move into an ever busier and attention grabbing life, the need to 'find time' to slow down and remind ourselves of who we are and what's important in our life has never been more important. There's an ever increasing desire and demand for authenticity, emotional responsibility and a sense of presence within our relationships and interactions between ourselves. 


I offer Coaching packages that ensure you receive the support and most importantly the integration over time from session to session to maximise the changes and outcomes you desire. This commitment to you ensures an ongoing journey of growth, compression and creation. Making the decision to seek  knowledge and experiences that will open yourself to the many possibilities of transformation is the best gift you can ever receive from yourself.


Conscious Embodiment Graeme Salvetti

Conscious Embodiment Journeys

Living consciously and embodying the moment are essential elements to experiencing personal fulfilment, a sense of purpose and confidence in creating the life you desire and deserve. These sessions focus specifically on raising your personal awareness, teaching various embodiment techniques and offering principles and understandings of life and yourself that connect and layer together to form a solid foundation of clarity, personal ownership and responsibility. From this platform we can easily identify anything that is challenging you, consuming you or taking you out of the present moment and practice using these tools to address and resolve these in any situation.   


These life principles of raising one's awareness and presence are not only effective at achieving a state of personal contentment, I believe these principles are essential to every human being in understanding how your internal world works, creating alignment between mind, body, heart and spirit and learning how to interact with others and the external world with confidence and a sense of empowerment and self belonging.


Living consciously is not just an attitude, it's a way of being. These sessions are for anyone looking for a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and their relationship to the external world.

Relationships Graeme Salvetti


Relationships are at the heart of our interactions with others and are a key element to the quality and fulfilment of our lives. The most impactful perspective on relationships to understand is that the type and tone of relationship you have within yourself is reflected and projected onto your external relationships.


Within this concept I offer individuals the opportunity to understand and gain greater clarity on their current relationship within themselves first, then build upon strong foundations of layering various relationship principles, dynamics, and experiential exercises that will enhance the level of communication, understanding and connection within yourself.


Once these foundations are integrated within, they can then be easily reflected and applied to your current external relationships with others. This style of relationship Coaching goes beyond what's not working between the parties within the relationship and focuses on the individuals, resolving personal issues, learning new concepts and enhancing their relationship within themselves. This develops a self sufficient mindset of confidence, empowerment and presence within the individual which then enhances any external relationships.


These sessions are for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of relationships and to find resolution and learnings from past relationships if needed. They are also ideal for couples or groups to engage in conscious communication to seek mutual pathways towards a common consensual vision of their interaction with each other and to resolve any current issues or backlog within the relationship.


I offer a balanced style of support that is not based on gender, stereotyped roles, or perceptions on what you should be doing in your relationship. I align myself with what you desire to experience and achieve within your relationship and organically tailor the pathway forward for each individual to achieve this vision. I'm a poly friendly Coach and offer wisdom on different relating styles and successful solo and multiple relating dynamics.




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Shamanic Rituals Graeme Salvetti

Shamanic Rituals and Journeys

Within each of us flows a deep river of emotions, perceptions, history and infinite knowing through one's own consciousness. These aspects of ourselves reside within each human being regardless of your awareness or understanding of them. Shamanic sessions offer the opportunity for you to come closer to each of these, raising your awareness and deepening the interpersonal relationship between them.


Within the realms of these aspects, the experiences of our past especially those when we were of a young age, shape and develop our perceptions and feelings of ourselves. As a result, these formed ideas of who we are and what is true about ourselves imprints upon our psyche. As we grow older these perceptions form into belief systems and then go about following these false blueprints of who we are. These believed identities about yourself shape your choices, behaviours and affect your present and potential future. 


Shamanic sessions provide the sacred space for you to break down these limiting beliefs and blockages and transmute them into empowered allies that work for you not against you. This provides the pathways for you to realise your wholeness within so that you learn to embody and demonstrate any strength and expression you desire in your life.


These processes are dynamic in nature and may involve rituals, emotional clearing and transference between ourselves. This may aid in proving a reference point of any specific emotion or state of being within your own body. This can then be emulated, cultivated and demonstrated within your own life. Shamanic ceremonies and rituals are rich and diverse and each brings it's own texture, deep resonance and resolution. 

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