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"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as

 much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."  

     ~ Joseph Campbell

This quote reflects my constant fascination with what it means to be alive, to be present and aware of one's own self and to embody the experience of being alive.

My consistent curiosity within the intrapersonal dynamics of living consciously has lead me to realise that personal embodiment is the foundation stone within the pathway to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Embodying one's truth, holding this sacred in all it's forms and understanding the relating dynamics between the human psyche, the emotional body & one's consciousness opens the door to the unlimited possibilities of our future.

These understandings have set me on a path of stripping back all that I was told about myself, the greater world and how to make my way through this life. Through self reflecting and accepting all of what and who I am without these other layers, I was able to deepen and embody the core elements of my being. This has sparked my internal fire and passion I have for awakening this awareness in others. Offering experiences, guiding others on the path of conscious embodiment and supporting the understanding of the unique abilities we all have to create the reality we desire is what brings me alive.


With a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and over 17 years of experience and training as a conscious embodiment Coach, Breathwork practitioner, facilitator of Men's groups and hosted International embodiment Retreats, I have forged a foundation for understanding the elements of conscious living. I enjoy guiding men and women to find balance within themselves and their grounded human experience. With a deep intuitive presence and sharp articulate clarity, I guide my clients to journey within and cultivate a healthy intimate relationship with the self, developing a deeper level of self-love and to experience a greater sense of wholeness, integration and balance. Each time I witness another's realisation that they are a conscious being, empowered to create the life they desire and fall in love with themselves, it fills me with a sense of gratitude and the experience of embodying and living my purpose.


I’ve continually fed my desire for knowledge and expansion though many diverse teachings, studies and workshop experiences. I've drawn upon the core elements within these and myself to find my intuitive style. Within the journey to find a wholistic balance within, I've studied and explored the deep transformation and self empowerment offered through the integration of one's sexual and sensual embodiment and the effects is has on deepening the relationship and alignment between all the aspects of one's self. Guiding others in cultivating a healthy intimate relationship within, a deeper level of self love and also integrating their sexual energy within their being has been a great honour and is an essential element to their experiencing a deeper sense of wholeness, integration and balance.


I offer a unique blend of Shamanic, Cognitive and Psychological, Tantric, Breathwork and Embodiment practices. Within the journey of transformation I believe that presence is everything. With the deep level of presence and intuitive sense I bring to each moment offers people the safety and space to dive to the very depths of their truth and learn how to hold this space for themselves. Holding this sacred space allows transformation to appear in all it's forms. I continue to enjoy presenting my offerings locally through workshops and events and internationally through talks and workshops at events and festivals and holding retreats in sacred areas around the world.

For more information on the offerings I provide, click the links below or you can contact me on 0421 873 848.

Conscious Breathwork Perth
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