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Authentic Man

Men's Group

Join me and other Men as we explore what it means to be a Man in today's society and part of a Brotherhood. Navigating one's own thoughts, emotions and life's expectations and challenges can be overwhelming, not to mention everyone else's on top of that.


Held every Wednesday night, this group will be a space where you can just be, without expectations, share your experiences and questions and as a group, we will all share our collective wisdom and understandings on these topics. Each night after our weekly check in, we will explore one or more of these important topics in depth:

~ What is healthy Masculinity?
~ What are emotions, how do I work with them and how can they positively effect
my world?
~ Truth and Integrity. The cornerstones to every Man's life.
~ How to understand, work with and embrace your shadow side and darkness.
~ How to create and nurture intimacy within a relationship.
~ Understanding the language of Women and how to effectively communicate.
~ Understanding relational dynamics between the sexes.
~ What is presence and why is it so important?
~ Understanding what role purpose and passion play in a Man's life.
~ Understanding addictions and how to manage them.
~ Understanding dynamics of sex, love and porn.
~ Understanding the role of safety for yourself and your family.

This will be a weekly place for Men to gather, share their experiences and wisdom and a place of education for us all to become better Men. With a background of Counselling and Coaching Men and a depth of knowledge on Men's issues and lived experiences, I'll be adding to the wisdom and offering many tools and worksheets to be taken home and put into practice to bring change to your inner world and your outer environment.

This will be a safe, confidential and authentic space for all of us, so we can openly discuss these areas of our lives and learn from each other. When Men gather, share their experiences and learn from one another, transformation happens. I've personally experienced Men's groups like these save many Men's lives, bring people closer together and enhance Men's overall experience of their lives.

All learning materials will be provided each night for you to take home and continue your education and growth.

Every Wednesday Evening
6:30pm – 8:30pm

True Healing Collective
49 Labouchere Rd, South Perth

 Tickets are $30 

Breath and Fire Men’s Ceremony LOGO.png

Breath and Fire Men's Ceremony

Saturday Evening 4th - 5th November 2023

50mins from Perth

An overnight journey and a deep activation within the heart of the forest.

An expedition of self within this safe container and a spiritual pilgrimage within.

More details for this unique journey only available by consultation.

Graeme Salvetti 0421 873 848

Jedd Ralph-Oakley 0488 101 494

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