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Will there be peace or pieces of our humanity left over?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

So so scarily true. Reminds me of a bunch of kids in a sandpit together, all declaring their sand to be better than all the others.

From the outside looking in it seems so transparently illogical, self defeating and fearful. My global intenition and wish is for every individual living on this amazing plannet, regardless of seemingly real race, colour, gender, status or religeous idiology, to experience a moment..even if it's only for a second..of transcendence whereby one can see themselves outside of all of this mind created separation and labels and come to understand that the sacred and sublime connection that they experience in relationship with their God/Universe/Source is the very same sacred and sublime experience that everyone else experiences within their relationship with their God/Universe/Source.

It's an essential human dynamic to experience this divine connection that seems to be larger than ourselves. This connection and experience is universal between humans and exists before and outside of any other dynamic. It's the immature and uneducated Ego and mindset that creates idiologies, concepts and beliefs that their vehicle to experience this blissful divine connection is somehow the best or only way to truely experience this relationship with the divine in it's purity.

To me it seems so blatently obviouse that I find myself waiting for the world to wake up one morning and see the frivolity of these ways..and the fact that this only seems to be organically happening within the general population within societies everywhere and not within the people of perceived power suggests to me that these people are consciously resisting this truth and are somehow benefiting from the propagation of such seperatist and hatefull idiologies.

Times are a changing and I am feeling the ground swell of love, acceptance and inclusive idiologies, concepts and beliefs that are applying non violent compression to these self destructive ways and inviting it to grow, expand, release any pain and hurt from their heart and join the rest of us in love and peace. I have much hope and faith in humans <3

Such an interesting time to be alive!

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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