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The pathway forward is never totally clear

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I used to think that having a clear path ahead was a sign of being on track and internal success. I have recently had experiences that have allowed me to understand and embody the message this quote delivers and I've come to realise that having a clear pathway forward is only part of the journey.

There is a deep mystery within the universe and thinking I have that all figured out and that my 'future' is what I have in my mind is ludicrous and naïve. The pathway forward is forever shrouded in the infinite potentialities of the present moment and the ever changing and diverse nature of who we are as beings and how we interact with the world. All I feel I can do is find clarity and alignment with my internal truth of the present moment - that can and will change at a moments notice - and form an intention, an internal vision of where I desire to be in my 'future' and at the very same time hold space for that vision to flex, evolve and or completely not happen at all.

There is a delicious balance between forming an idea, an intention, a direction or a plan in our mind of where we are going and what we desire to experience and achieve within our lives and then letting that all go into the wind and flowing with the energy of life, much like making a wish then blowing the seeds away into the wind.

How much resistance, struggle and pain is created when we are faced with events and experiences that take us off this plan in our minds and we find ourselves in the great unknown of where are we and what to do next. Oh how easy it is to avoid all of this unknown and fear and simply follow someone else's plan and align ourselves with the certainty of others. If that plan was to fail or drastically change we can easily distance ourselves from the fallout as it wasn't born from our essence.

There is a language to the universe and our hearts feel it and our intuition speaks it. Our minds have been given to much authority in charting the direction of our lives and laying out the plan. Our future is not as simple as a building that has been engineered and planned to the last detail and then built and unfolded in stages according to the master plan. We are far more dynamic than that.

When we can embody and listen to our heart and intuition as an equal part of our experience that speaks and advises us as much as the mind does then we can experience the balance and empowerment of having a personal pathway forward guided by your internal clarity and the ability to move with the mystery and flow of life. With the mind's eyes closed we can become open to the unlimited possibilities that then have the opportunity to show up that could not have been foreseen.

Being this for yourself through your life takes a mature mindset and grown up sense of responsibility. To hold your own space and welcome the uncertainties and changes of life as much as the pleasant experiences and known pathways forward is a scary thing to do and it hurts. Being an adult hurts.

This is a choice offered to every individual. Being an adult means accepting absolute responsibility of everything within your life. There will be tough decisions to make and dark rooms to enter however being there for yourself, charting the pathway forward and moving with the flow and changes of life yields great benefits to the experience and quality of the journey of your life and becomes a very rewarding and fulfilling way of being.

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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