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The symphony of the universe

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Symphony of Life.jpg

The universe.. God.. source.. consciousness, whatever word or term one uses to describe all that there is, is like an instrument with an infinite amount of strings. Each string is unique in nature and resonates like no other. Each of us as individuals represent one of these unique strings and the resonance generated through the expressions of our being creates a specific sound unlike anything heard before.

The symphony of life, creation and the universe sounds the most harmonious and beautiful when each string is resonating true to its own nature. When each string is vibrating with ease and flowing without restrictions and interruptions to its authentic expression.

Our unique sound and resonance is our gift to the world and our contribution to the overall harmony and expression of the entire symphony of life. Our only task in this life is to allow our personal resonance to flow freely without constraint, doubt and fear.

What does your unique resonance feel like and sound like to you? And are you prepared to allow this to permeate through the world like a ripple on the surface of the water?

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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