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Embracing your darkness

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The darkness within you and within everyone is not your enemy nor is it your shadow that's lurking..waiting to cause havoc in your life. Your darkness is your ally. It is as part of you as there is light. Everything in this splendid existence is in balance. Within each of us this dark part exists, it is neither evil nor has the desire to destroy you or anyone else. Within it lies the key to unlocking the potential of your/the universe. Many fear to walk into this dark cave, as it may be filled with the unknown dragons and demons that exist within our fears and darkest corners of our existence. In fact many run... When the light goes out...the frightening realisation that these dragons and demons do exist sets in. The repression and suppression of their existence and their power has made them restless, despondent and unforgiving. Would you be any different if this was your bound existence? When your fears become one with you and your capacity to understand your true self grows, your darkness and indeed these dragons are as an essential part of you and your completeness as the light is.

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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