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What does it mean to 'Be Alive'

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

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I'm seeing this more and more within the eyes and lives of the people I meet. The search for the meaning of life or finding one's own sense of happiness. It's a worthy pursuit in itself. Where it can become an issue and present challenges is when we start looking externally for these feelings and concepts and 'chase' happiness to make us feel better or whole, replace what's not working in our lives or as a payoff for enduring something uncomfortable. How many of us have heard any of these before: "When my partner changes then life will be easier" "When I find what I'm meant to do with my life, then I'll be happier" "I only need to get through the next year or so then I'll be able to breathe easier and get out more"

"Where did the last couple of years go? I can't even remember what iv'e been up to!"

"Once this changes then I can start living life" All of these are convincing reasons and red flags as to why you're not experiencing 'being alive' right now and putting the responsibility of your happiness in the hands of another or the external world. The feeling of being alive and a sense of happiness is a subjective choice felt within every moment. If you've found this difficult or feel like you don't have that choice in each moment in your life then there's a reason for this and this reason needs your attention. Ultimately we are responsible for how we are feeling within every moment of our existence and if you don't like how your feeling, you can learn how to raise your awareness of your inner world and understand the reasons why you are feeling this way. Then you have the choice and ability to move through your emotions from one to another at your will. When you can embrace the experience of being alive in each moment and deeply embody your feelings whatever they are, then you will be closer to discovering the true meaning to your life and enjoy what is.

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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