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Conciousness wins a new friend...Science

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

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I came across an article on the web titled:

Besides its flashy and sensational title this article goes into greater reflection of the perceived nature of consciousness and how we create and interact with the outside world and it's definately worth the time to read.

Looking for larger answers ~

I'm excited to see the scientific world actually investing time and resources trying to answer the bigger questions that can't seem to be resolved using the current understood scientific model of the universe and everything and actually considering the mysterious role that consciousness plays within everything we do and the results we receive in our lives.

I see that we're at a stage scientifically where the level of evidence and results of countless experiments, like the double slit experiment that was fist done in the early 1800's and built upon, that show that we create the world outside of us and affect the outcomes instead of the other way around is overwhelming to such a point that we can't hide that much under the carpet of the 'current scientifically accepted' understanding of our world.

Playing catch up ~

New words are being created to give meaning to concepts and understandings of what scientists are discovering about our consciousness and its properties. I love that science is taking a greater perspective and stepping outside of the known box and considering the possibilities of our quantum, eternal consciousness and bringing the worlds of spirituality and science together.

The funny thing about all this and what makes me smile is that for a lot of people, myself included, it seems science is playing catch up and the naming game to describe that which is already felt and known through our intuitive senses and our own experience and understanding of what our consciousness is and how it plays a part in the creation of ourselves and our world.

These personal and somewhat universal truths has for centuries only ever been considered within the boundaries of spiritual and personal beliefs and confined to the language and the realms of the esoteric and has been kept apart sometimes violently from the scientific community and the current accepted model of the world.

Science meets the esoteric ~

This clip is from the Article above and it's a talk by Dr Robert Lanza who's an expert on regenerative medicine and at the time was considered by the NY Times to be one of the top 3 scientists alive.

Dr Robert lanza on 'Biocentrism'

Yes these metaphysical understandings are being interpreted and morphed into scientifically defined language but at least there are people like Dr Robert lanza and others standing up and introducing these concepts scientifically and credibly showing how much these historically viewed 'flimsy' and 'mystical' concepts and truths are proving to give lend to understanding more of our universe on the inside and the outer universe and more importantly the relationship between the two and its results.

A brave new world ~

Yay for progress and yay for moving forward toward a time when we as a collective world see all that there is as simply consciousness that we all imbue and are therefore all equally the same and everything can be explained through this principle and we can let go of the segregation and separateness of knowledge, wisdom, spirituality and subjective experiences of life and being.

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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