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"You are not broken!"

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I'm in complete alignment with this presenter and feel the importance of growing and widening the messages delivered within this TED talk. These are the very foundations that shape our concepts of sexuality and our personal relationship to it.

I've lost count of the amount of times in the last year I've said the very same thing to my clients when they open up about their sexuality, what they've been told about it and how they feel in relation to it.

"You are not broken!"

The mind is a great storyteller ~

The very concept that you are broken, need fixing, have pieces missing or need something to fill in the gaps so that you can feel that safe sense of wholeness is rooted within the minds perception of how it sees yourself based on your experiences and more importantly what you thought of yourself from these experiences.

This is a great example of how the mind can tell you a story about 'who you are' or 'why you feel the way you do' and convince you that it's credible and the absolute truth about you. Given enough time the seeds of these thoughts are planted and if it's undisputed and not qualified they grows roots and takes a hold of your perception and belief of who you are and thus forms an identity or image of yourself that you see, believe and present to the world. The one thing your mind based identity does not want you to do is open your eyes, look up and step outside of your mind and of this concept and ask two very simple questions to qualify the validity of this so called 'truth'...Is this really who I am? and Do I exist outside of these thoughts of myself?.

Realising the 'Real' truth ~

Once you practice asking these questions and connect and listen to your body and your inner self, it allows you the overview to realise a greater truth, that you're not just your thoughts, that you are a dynamic being that consists of many self aware aspects. Connecting in with this inner knowing and letting go of what the mind and the outside world to an extent is telling you about you, will allow you to see you as you truly are, an already complete, full, expanding expression of your oneness and being.

Acceptance and integration ~

Whether you agree or not, sexuality is an important part of every human beings life and one cannot experience wholeness and full personal empowerment without embodying and accepting their sexuality and their current relationship with it as an essential part of themselves.

Acceptance and integration of all of these aspects of yourself is the key to understanding this greater truth. All that is needed is the first step of courage to be open to looking at the possible stories, ideas and so called truths within you about your body, your desires and what's ok and what's not ok within relating to it and to others.

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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