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Who's in control? Putting the mind back in it's place.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

An essential element to conscious living is allowing the embodiment of the present moment to have it's place and be valued for the richness it can provide yourself in any given moment. This is not a process that involves the mind and the mind may have difficulty in understanding the value and reasons why you would choose to allow this without being a part of it.

The mind is an amazing tool ~

It offers many talents and is incredibly useful in providing specifics and details needed to create the future we desire. What we can forget is that the mind is only one part of a vehicle much like the tyres are on a car. They're useful but you also need an engine and a driver to get anywhere substantial.

The mind sees and experiences the world very differently to how your heart sees it or how your your body or spirit experiences it. The way it understands the world and speaks to you is through it's own specific language.

The language barrier ~

The minds language is unlike any other within the body and clashes with other languages like the ones of emotions or intuition. The mind trying to work out why you are experiencing a particular emotion based on the current environment and specifics is a unending cycle, kinda like watching a dog chasing it's own tail. This can consume large amounts of energy and contribute to higher stress and anxiety levels because the mind without a solution or thorough understanding is fearful and feels unsafe in the vast unknown.

One must be mindful to keep a balanced perspective within receiving messages from all aspects of ourselves and treating them with same amount of respect and understanding of their differences. If we fall into the trap of believing one view of the world as absolute truth then we become blinded to the possibilities of our present moment and live a greatly reduced life.

Gaining a greater perspective ~

One must gain back the higher perspective and be witness to the truth that you are more than your mind and the identity based perception and evidence of your Ego. Your mind is only one part of your dynamic being and may need consistent reminders of it's place within your reality. You can start this by practising active mindfulness and raising your level of personal awareness within moments. Meditation is also an effective process to let go of your mind, turn the volume down and seat into the organic nature of your body and senses.

We are receiving more information than we can possibly imagine through our many receptors and it is our job to acknowledge all of these sources and choose to embody those that will feed and encourage us and filtering out any unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions or messages that lead us otherwise by simply letting them go.

Awareness..Acceptance..Overview..Conscious Choosing..Letting Go..Embodiment..

Repeat and enjoy the present moment.

Graeme Salvetti

Embodiment Coach

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